Pamela – Gaithersburg, Maryland
I would highly recommend Wooten Appliance. They were quick on getting back to me on making an appointment. They were very courteous. Daryl the service man was great. He had to come back because he did not have the part needed. He kept me up to date  all the way. When he came back with the part my dryer was quickly repaired. He was very professional and I would highly recommend Wooten Appliance. P.S. The price was right!

Nathan – Laurel, Maryland
Repaired inoperable dishwasher. What really impressed me was the tenacity shown by Wooten to make sure the appliance was fixed properly. My dishwasher had a hard to diagnose issue, and Wooten went above and beyond to get to the bottom of it. They never charged me for labor or parts that didn’t solve the problem. In the end, they found the problem and were just as satisfied to fix the problem as I was. They treated my dishwasher as if it were there own. I can’t say enough good things about these guys. Pure professionals, some of the best contractors I’ve ever hired.

James – Millersville, Maryland
Wooten Appliance  awesome!!! Called to make an appointment right away . They looked at all our appliances and even fixed our dishwasher that had been broken for months and didn’t charge us anymore. I will call them again!! So professional.

David – Annapolis, Maryland
Wooten repaired our ice maker in a timely fashion. Incredibly professional and top notch communication throughout the process. Wouldn’t go anywhere else for appliance repairs.

Michele – Upper Marlboro, Maryland
I am very pleased with my experience with this company. My Kenmore HE washing machine stopped working and displayed an error code. I googled the error code and found the issue related to the electronic board and was very, very costly to repair. My husband and I considered purchasing a new washing machine in lieu of a fix given the significant cost and the age of my 10+ year-old washing machine. So glad I took a chance on Angie’s list and found this contractor. I called and my call went into voicemail, I left a message and was pleasantly surprised to receive a return call within the hour. A woman named Stephanie called me back and made an appt. She even researched the cost of replacing the electronic board and called me back with an estimate. Well, I didn’t need any of this. A repairman (Neal) showed up, looked at my washer and told me to look closely because this is an issue I could fix myself. He taught me what to do, fixed my machine and was finished within a total of 20 minutes. It cost me $99 TOTAL and I’ve had no more problems. I was and continue to be VERY VERY pleased with the performance of my washing machine. I would highly recommend this company.

Angie – Lanham, Maryland
It was fantastic.  The provider came out in a timely manner.  He was professional and really knew his stuff.  My frig simply stopped cooling one afternoon.  I was in a panic and thought I would have to buy a whole new refrigerator.  (and I was already pricing them) Then I remembered Angie’s List and thought, “what have I got to lose?”  A new refrigerator is going to cost in the neighborhood of $2500.00.  So, I decided to go on online to my trusty Angie’s List. Wooten appliances had great feedback and I gave them a try.  After checking out the frig for about 20 minutes, he declared a board had gone bad , picked on up from his shop and we were up and running the next day!  It was incredible.  AND the
refrigerator has been fine ever since.  Should anything go wrong in the future, Wooten will be the first people I call. Thanks Angie’s list!

Ellen – Washington, DC
I was very impressed with their level of service. Communications with the person at the office were clear and prompt. Both technicians who came to the house were polite and helpful.  My dishwasher door had lost its springiness, so would fall all the way open if not locked shut. after falling open this way, something cracked and then it was misaligned and would not close properly. I first hired another company, with a lower service call fee, to come check it out. the person they sent listed a whole raft of parts that might need to be replaced, estimated that it would cost  over $400 (beyond the service call fee), then said that all of that might not fix the problem. He was clearly trying to charge us as much as possible to fix this relatively simple problem. So I ate that service call fee and called Wooten becauseof their reviews, even though it pained me to pay another (higher) service call fee. But the Wooten tech treated my dishwasher very carefully, was really thoroughin inspecting it, and diagnosed the simple problem easily and honestly. I needed 2 new spring loaded brackets and one other part, all of which were cheap parts from Bosch.
They ordered the parts from Bosch right away, kept me apprised of the situation, quoted accurately how much everything would cost, and returned as soon as the parts did come in to do the repair. This went smoothly.  However, less then 2 weeks after the repair one of the tension brackets broke again. This time i knew what it was, and could tell from the sound and the difference in the weight of the door. I called Wooten and they came back within a
few days. This time the tech accurately diagnosed that when our dishwasher had been installed, a very long screw had been improperly used in installing the front frame, and consequently sawed right through the rope which makes the tension bracket work. Which is probably what also happened the first time. He removed the screw, replaced it with a more appropriate one i had lying around, replaced thebracket (again), which luckily he this time had a spare of in his truck, and did not charge me anything more, even though the misplaced screw was not Wooten’s mistake.  I will call them for any future appliance repairs I have. Very professional, skilled, and honest.

Mr. Russell – Germantown, Maryland
I couldn’t be happier with this service. The serviceman called 30 minutes ahead of time to let me know of his exact arrival. He inspected malfunctioning dishwasher, freezer and microwave and was able to fix the freezer and dishwasher on the spot. He cleared a clogged drain in the freezer and suggested we run it slightly warmer to prevent the issue from reoccurring, and he fixed the hinge on the dishwasher that was causing the door to open mid-cycle. For the microwave, it needs a new part, but he suggests that depending on the price of the part and the labor it may be better just to buy a new microwave. Total price of visit = $179. Money very well spent as 2 appliances got fixed on the spot. Much cheaper than buying new appliances as was our fear. Also appreciate the $20 coupon for new customers.

Regina – Annapolis, Maryland
I purchased the Angie’s big deal for checking the washer, dryer, refrigerator and dishwasher.  The gentleman arrived right on time check the appliances.  In checking the dryer vent he discovered a bird’s nest.  I am so glad he checked because he definitely prevented a fire.  He did replace the washing machine hoses for an additional fee.  He cleaned up after himself was extremely pleasant and quick

Gwen – Silver Spring, Maryland
The service was excellent. The technician was very knowledgeable and explained the whole process. I am very satisfied with this company and will definitely recommend them to others.

Mike – Columbia, Maryland
The repairman understood the problem and was familiar with our model of dishwasher. He took care to protect our floors while he worked, which was thoughtful. The dishwasher had not drained due to a clog, which he found and removed. It was a very good experience; and I was happy to have the problem fixed within a day of when I first contacted them about the problem.

Patricia – Arlington, Virginia
I paid for him to inspect my appliances and vacuum back of refrigerator. What I got was much, much more. He inspected everything,  cleaned back of refrigerator and swept floor, but he also gave me advice on how to keep appliances running in top condition, and to lengthen their lifespan. It was well worth every penny.  Excellent work. Technician arrived on time, explained what he planned to do, and git to work . He was polite, very knowledgeable and made suggestions to clean the inside of my dishwasher, sharpen disposal blades and keep my washer and dryer working in top condition for a longer time span. When he looked at the back of my refrigerator, he offered to sweep up the dust on the floor behind it. He was very efficient and his advice will keep my appliances running longer